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Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship Institute

Tatiana Belevskikh

Director: Tatiana Belevskikh – Ph.D. in Economics

  • Visual arts and Design Department
  • Tourism and Consumer Services Department
  • Business Administration Department

Research labs:

  • Quality of Arctic Urban Living

Other units:

  • Arctic Creative Industries Center

Humanities and Social Studies Institute


Director: Svetlana Vinogradova – Advanced Doctor in Philology

  • Foreign languages Department
  • History Department
  • Philology, Intercultural Communication, and Journalism Department
  • Philosophy and Social Studies Department

Research labs:

  • Sociological Research Laboratory

Other units:

  • Sami Language Preservation Center
  • Federal Innovation Platform “Support Center for Endangered Languages of Russian Indigenous Peoples (Sami Language)”
  • Museum “Kola North: history, culture, and education”

Pedagogy and Psychology Institute


Director: Tatiana Kuzmicheva – Advanced Doctor in Pedagogy

  • Psychology and Pedagogy for Special Needs Department
  • Pedagogy Department

Other units:

  • Murmansk Arctic Center of Russian Academy of Education
  • Psychological Development and Support Center
  • Adaptation Center for Students with Special Needs
  • Federal Innovation Platform “Convergent Psychology and Pedagogy”

Medicine and Life Sciences Institute


Director: Lydmila Mishanina – Ph.D. in Biological Sciences

  • Clinical Medicine Department
  • Microbiology and Biochemistry Department

Intelligent Systems and Digital Technologies Institute


Director: Tatiana Motina – Ph.D. in Economics

  • Automation and Computing Tools Department
  • Higher Mathematics and Physics Department
  • Informational Technologies Department

Research labs:

  • Computer Modeling of Physical Processes in the Near-Earth Environment
  • Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence for the Arctic

Legal Studies Faculty


Dean: Maya Pankratova – Ph.D. in Legal Studies

  • Theory and History of Government and Law Department
  • Jurisprudence Department

Other units:

  • Coordination center for Anti-extremist and Civic Consciousness Activities
  • Legal Help Center

Physical Education and Sports Faculty


Dean: Natalia Erokhova – Ph.D. in Pedagogy

  • Health Promotion and Special Needs Physical Education Department
  • Sports and Physical Development Department

Other units:

  • Health Promotion Center

Marine Academy


Director: Dmitryi Savateev – Ph.D. in Pedagogy

  • Radio and Telecommunication Technologies Department
  • Ship Navigation Department
  • Ship Maintenance and Power Machinery Department
  • Vessel Electrical Facilities Department

Other units:

  • Marine Conventional Training Center
  • Museum “Fishing industry in the Kola North”

Applied Arctic Technologies Institute


Director: Olga Fedorova – Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences

  • Offshore Oil and Gas Production Department
  • Construction Building, Energy, and Transportation Department
  • Technological and Refrigeration Machinery Department
  • Ecology and Techno-sphere Safety Department

Research labs:

  • Arctic Logistics
  • Eco-engineering and Pollution Monitoring in the Arctic Zone

Other units:

  • Refrigeration Technologies Center
  • Transportation and Traffic-safety Certification Center

Natural Science and Technologies Institute


Director: Lyudmila Petrova – Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences

  • Biology and Bio-resources Department
  • Food Production Technologies Department
  • Chemistry Department

Research labs:

  • Chemistry and Technology of Marine Bio-resources
  • Monitoring and Preservation of Arctic Nature

MAU Vocational Training College


Director: Natalia Kozlova

Ivan Mesyatsev Marine Fish-Industry College in Murmansk


Director: Igor Artemenko

International Interdisciplinary Research Center for Russian Arctic Development


Director: George Gogoberidze

Apatity Сampus


Director: Olga Ostrovskaya – Ph.D. in Economy

  • Department of Informatics and Computing tools
  • Department of Economics, Management and Sociology
  • Department of Common subjects
  • Department of Mining, Earth sciences and Environmental engineering
  • Department of Physics, Biology and Engineering technologies

Research labs:

  • Structure and features of physical and technological materials in mining and electrical engineering industries
  • Modelling the technology of earth-resources processing and extraction

Kirovsk Vocational Training Campus


Director: Anna Razumovskaya, Ph.D. in Pedagogy

Polyarny Vocational Training Campus


Director: Denis Lutzev

Updated 14.06.2024