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MAU held Total Dictation again!

  • 24.04.2024
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MAU held Total Dictation again!

Last Saturday, for the 11th time, the people of Murmansk participated in Total Dictation to check their knowledge of the Russian language. The competition was held in 13 locations, including Murmansk Arctic University and Murmansk State Regional Universal Scientific Library.

The largest stage of the Dictation was based in MAU where 209 language enthusiasts, including 38 international students, got together. Yana Glukhikh, Associate Professor of MAU Department of Philology, Media and Communication, and Journalism, as part of the event dictated the text written for the learners of Russian as a foreign language, such as the students from India, Morocco, Egypt, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan.

The Total Dictation event was held on thousands of stages in dozens of countries and hundreds of Russian cities. Tomsk was dubbed as the capital of the Dictation this year. We would like to remind that Murmansk previously had participated in this event and become one of the four finalists of the competition.

Total Dictation is an annual event for those who wish to participate, no matter the age, nationality, education, or social status. It shows that being literate is important for everyone; that learning Russian is not easy but still entertaining and useful; it unites everyone who can or wants to write in and speak Russian. The first Dictation was held in 2004 by the students of Humanities Department of Novosibirsk State University. Through 19 years of the event, it became international and is now held in many parts of our planet.

The results of Total Dictation will be counted by the end of this week. On April 27 they will be announced in MAU South Campus (Kirova str., 1) in Room 104, Building «L».

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