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Cinema Bridge to Indonesia

  • 07.06.2024
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Cinema Bridge to Indonesia

On the 31st of May, Murmansk Arctic University hosted a remarkable international and creative discussion with a symbolic title — Cinema Bridge to Indonesia. The event was organized by Alexander Sautkin, Associate Professor of the MAU Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences, and Alexey Mosin, producer, director, and head of ANСO «Arctic Spaces». Sofia Setyorini, film producer and coordinator of cinematography programs at the esteemed Eagle Institute Indonesia and impact producer at the Two Islands Digital Film Center in Jakarta, presented Indonesian partners.

This extraordinary event followed a series of previous creative sessions, one of which unfolded during the XI International Kant-Bakhtin Seminar in March earlier this year.
During the live proceedings, participants had the privilege of immersing themselves into two Indonesian short films crafted by talented students from Eagle Institute. Subsequently, the audience was treated to a screening of two Russian short films shot in Murmansk. These captivating works, brought to life by budding filmmakers, formed the crux of a spirited discussion revolving around the distinctive intricacies of film production in both countries. Indonesian directors Harsa Perdana and Muhammad Farhan unveiled their film titled «The Captain from Sumbawa,» whereas Danny Mambrasar from the Indonesian region of Papua (New Guinea) showcased his creation named «My Name is Moses.» Although both films shared a common backdrop of the port/sea, their narratives were distinct. Sofia Setyorini explained that these films were chosen due to their youthful origins and their ability to shed light on the social issues in Indonesia, as well as the psychological dimensions of everyday life.

The Russian short films also captivated the audience, provoking great interest and intrigue. Diana Belova's ethnic-horror film, «Shadow in the Stone,» and Alexey Mosin's dark comedy «Fed Up,» left an indelible impression. Yulia Shestova, head of MAU International Cooperation Office, eloquently highlighted the significance of such intercultural exchanges in her welcoming speech. She emphasized the importance of fostering enduring collaboration and joint projects. With the overwhelmingly positive reception, one can optimistically anticipate the realization of these projects. Indonesian filmmakers expressed their desire to delve deeper into the lives and works of the people of Murmansk, solidifying their commitment to continued engagement and exploration.

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